Election Results 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses the long week of US presidential election results, including Donald Trump’s various attempts to make the election appear illegitimate, and a historic win for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
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Fester Adams
Fester Adams 4 timer siden
john too bad your not smarter 4 years of your bs didnt move the needle. flog a dead horse much ?lol
hossein s
hossein s 6 timer siden
Is that T-shirt available?
Matt Gregorowicz
Matt Gregorowicz 6 timer siden
I actually met John Fetterman and he is every bit as great as he seems
Cryptic Light
Cryptic Light 8 timer siden
Matthew E
Matthew E 9 timer siden
John Oliver isn't even a fucking US citizen and was going to be sent bank to England during the writers strike but somehow he got protected
Serryx 35 minutter siden
He completed his naturalization process and is a US citizen. IIRC this election was the first he's been able to take part in
Mike Barron
Mike Barron 9 timer siden
You use to be be funny... now you are a joke.
armen 05/12/66
armen 05/12/66 13 timer siden
Hope you trump haters when the democratics eat your children cause Thier reptilian shapeshifters
matt sherlock
matt sherlock 11 timer siden
Bot or Troll or Crazy, which are you.
kristina nie
kristina nie 13 timer siden
I really like the accent that’s pretty funny to begin with but I have no idea what station you’re on or what time or what day I think it’s HBO you’re on why don’t you get a better time slots
Glenn parent
Glenn parent 13 timer siden
trump is going to prison
Glenn parent
Glenn parent 13 timer siden
trump get off the presidone
George Tello
George Tello 13 timer siden
Trump 2020! Four more years!!
matt sherlock
matt sherlock 11 timer siden
@Ben Wilson your God damned right. It will greatly satisfy me to see him in prison.
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson 13 timer siden
Um he lost you know
Who Am I
Who Am I 15 timer siden
You guys must check out WTFBRUHH! NOpost channel. Look at the "BBQ BEER FREEDOM" video of the ranting idiot. I don't know how to post the link but please find the video. Its awesome!
Who Am I
Who Am I 15 timer siden
7:00 Lt. Gov. Stone Cold! C'mon, man!
Mister Fixit
Mister Fixit 15 timer siden
Trump wears Depends.
Ditkazbearz2 16 timer siden
The 2020 cheaters getting caught election and Trump is your winner
Error 17 timer siden
Still not the president elect, holmes.
Lau Da
Lau Da 17 timer siden
Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 17 timer siden
2020-12-04 27,102 comments and counting...COUNT THE COMMENTS!...:)
Freedom First
Freedom First 17 timer siden
So, what could possibly happen to a country that votes twice for a well known racist sociopathic narcissistic ex-game show host? THIS.....THIS freaking happens. What has been happening every single day in the longest four years of my life.
justGBD 18 timer siden
> Hamsters in speedos Oh no John dont go furry OH NO
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 18 timer siden
justGBD we already have him in our grasp
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 19 timer siden
lol... Trump people chanting a "victory" song by Queen ... the irony hits them on the face and they just don't get it
R Stevens
R Stevens 3 timer siden
No time for losers.
KissMyAspergers 19 timer siden
Oh, c'mon, John. I love you, but quit it with the IDpol. It's not gonna do anyone any favours. It's just a distraction tactic from the Dems. You better go HARD on this new government as soon as they're in power. Kamala is especially worrying... Just. Don't sell out your countrymen for lame virtue signalling. And ffs, you better start ratting out your home country, too. Those TERFs are out of control!
Dikster trikster
Dikster trikster 19 timer siden
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke 19 timer siden
It's called the truth. Not his problem if you can't handle it.
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith 19 timer siden
Watching on the day where "Fuck Donald Trump" is the word of the day of the Urban Dictionary
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 19 timer siden
I had to study for an AP World quiz that week, but I had a CNN tab permanently opened and being viewed the whole time.
David Shillaker
David Shillaker 20 timer siden
The world was celebrating
Eric Killackey
Eric Killackey 20 timer siden
rich ri
rich ri 20 timer siden
The obsequious precipitation understandably post because engine intermittently smile around a instinctive ice. draconian, abhorrent windshield
Giovanni 336
Giovanni 336 20 timer siden
Trump's strategy is genius for being elected Not so much for being re elected
Nick Howland
Nick Howland 21 time siden
joe biden junior hahaha
Nicola Ciervo
Nicola Ciervo 21 time siden
I used to be a fan
Jose Jose
Jose Jose 21 time siden
Hey trumpy. Did MÉXICO paid for the wall. LMFAO 😂😂😂😂
WEC Campbell
WEC Campbell 22 timer siden
I q Await the time when you will be eating your partisan words when the election fraud is proven what a fake news broadcaster.
Stephen2462 22 timer siden
Don't hold your breath.
hussain noor
hussain noor 23 timer siden
John such a silly and so ridiculous personal
custom build
custom build 23 timer siden
What ever happened to assassinations? Why don't we do that anymore? Bang, don't have to hear Trump's voice ever again. Why not?
Stephen2462 22 timer siden
That would just martyr him in his cult's eyes, we need to do away with his entire administration. Fortunately, they've already been voted out so it's just a matter of time.
VIND GIGS Dag siden
first time i felt the show was a little boring even though i am not a republican
Nightthought Dag siden
Singing a Freddy Mercury song to deny that Trump lost the election is... The best pie I've ever eaten.
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 18 timer siden
Nightthought what flavor?
Nightthought Dag siden
And I've eaten pussy pie.
くたばれTerraan Dag siden
Vominh Doanh
Vominh Doanh Dag siden
Sean Pacheco
Sean Pacheco Dag siden
I had to study for an AP World quiz that week, but I had a CNN tab permanently opened and being viewed the whole time.
Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan Dag siden
Didn’t Biden eulogize a white supremacist🤔🤔😁😁😂😂😂😂
TheCureThatKillz Dag siden
100% voter fraud!!!
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez Dag siden
There is a special place in hell for people like Trump.
Glenn parent
Glenn parent 13 timer siden
robotron17 Dag siden
*Video proof of election fraud was just released. This is the BIG ONE! It's over, Democrats.* Search NOpost "Republicans tender new CCTV footage to Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee." Bye bye.
Christian Heckmann Engelbrecht
Christian Heckmann Engelbrecht Dag siden
9:50 That guy was a really bad actor. I guess Donald can't buy everything for money.
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez Dag siden
those who voted down are sore losers
CKnappJacksonville Dag siden
The merciful egypt relatedly dare because timbale expectably cover anenst a deeply grandfather. spiteful, entertaining maria
Connor DeJong
Connor DeJong Dag siden
It was great to see John happy. He deserved a win after last week’s episode. We all did.
Platyverse Chuckdabz Fishroom
Platyverse Chuckdabz Fishroom Dag siden
only relateable when a facist dictator goes down
Ion Toloaca
Ion Toloaca Dag siden
Painfully unfunny jokes. Except the reverse 9/11 -> 11/9 and posting the video on 9 Nov. I'll give you that one.
Luna Azule
Luna Azule Dag siden
Just when I was starting to like Oliver, he reverts to 5th grade sex jokes. Just what exactly viewers are u trying to make laugh?
GODis MEME Dag siden
This might not age well
zighm Dag siden
So anyone who voted for Hilary Clinton in 2016 who had long term ties with Robert Byrd is a bigot? By virtue of the precedent set @ 21:20? Labelling all Trump voters as bigots or those who turn a blind eye is dishonest, and abrogates our responsibility as Americans and humans to ask questions. The same thing is done when labelling all people who voted for Biden as "lefties", who support mass rioting and looting.
Stephen2462 Dag siden
Considering that Byrd has been dead for decades, denounced the KKK decades before that, and actually did a great deal for civil rights while in office (to the point of being formally recognized by the NAACP), obviously not.
hotpeppa812 Dag siden
its 1 month later and still 0 typos / errors / irregularities found that favored President Trump.. why do 100% dead voters & computer programs prefer Biden?
Dee Nora
Dee Nora Dag siden
Good God.. arnold schwarzenegger tried to convince people celebrities can become more than their career and the outcome was positive ... Trump tried to do the same thing and the outcome is negative. Damn, america, your obsession for celebrities and "reality" show idiots to the extent you made them your president, lawyer and etc.
Emma Castle
Emma Castle Dag siden
Its Octopi....
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Dag siden
The nopost.info/throw/mtayqYKevo5kYc0/video future and what is to come .
Terry Thomas
Terry Thomas Dag siden
Investigators: subpoena the software programmers and IT folks who worked for Dominion. They can't afford high-end lawyers like Dominion's board members and executives can. The truth is in the technology trenches, not Dominion's executive suite. Terry Thomas President, PC Tech Support Atlanta, Georgia USA
Marcos Martins
Marcos Martins Dag siden
It's quite amazing the standard of quality and the delivery this man gives us at nearly every show... It's THE show to watch, def... This was the best piece of tv about election results I've seen and it says a lot coming from a comedy show
Joshua Lally
Joshua Lally Dag siden
Why is that shirt not available in the store? I want that "Oversight | FOIA Requests | Hamsters in Speedos" shirt.
Working Man
Working Man Dag siden
There are millions and millions of videos like these on NOpost nopost.info/throw/ks-xiYGVuYtpe9k/video nopost.info/throw/2tvVmoqa1IODgJo/video nopost.info/throw/sZfDpWjQxpyCqtE/video nopost.info/throw/rs7DeqmvtoVmaa8/video nopost.info/throw/qZ_RaniZroiRcas/video&pbjreload=101 v=hIdOv3Q05X0&pbjreload=101 nopost.info/throw/07yxkmuVrKJkgJo/video&pbjreload=101 nopost.info/throw/xrjJhKLO04OJZNE/video&pbjreload=101 nopost.info/throw/rN-2movP1KiUmac/video&pbjreload=101 nopost.info/throw/u9zWa2bazKypcbc/video&pbjreload=101 nopost.info/throw/xNbNnp6znH-UoZo/video You have to purposely work very hard to avoid the evidence of cheating, there is so much. China owns the U.S. News Media, the Democrat Party, the Obama Criminal Regime, and other Politicians that never had their own money. Joe Biden and many members of his family receive regular paychecks from China and Russia, when they are not rubbing old uncle Joe's blonde leg hairs. That group conspired for 2 years to steal this election, including China releasing the 2019 version of the corona virus on the U.S. and the world in order to wreak havoc, destroy Trump's record breaking economy, create lock downs and social distancing, creating the excuse for Voting Fraud, Mail-In Ballots without identification, Dominion Software counting routines that count x1.25 per Biden and x0.75 per Trump vote. In less than a dozen voting precincts in the 6 Swing States vote counting was halted, poll watchers were sent home, all at 11:00 PM Eastern time. At 3:00 AM Eastern trucks delivered fake mail in ballots to these dozen precincts and quietly in the night China hired Democrat Party treasonous hacks added the fake ballots to the vote tallies and changed the totals from Trump winning in those 6 swing states by over 3 million votes collectively, to losing all 6 swing states by 100,000 votes collectively. And the stealers call it the most fair election in all history! "Come On Man! #DumboJoe " Put Trump Signs in your yard, Trump bumper stickers and license plates on your car! Trump flags on your flag pole! Now is the time to show your support - do not be Timid and bullied by the Cheaters! #TrumpWon2020 #BidenCheated #LiarBiden #ElectionFraud #DeepStateStoleElection
Molly Kircher
Molly Kircher Dag siden
Did he really not mention how funny it was that that man was screaming and then just casually walked away?
Andrew Eckert
Andrew Eckert Dag siden
Trumps dance (17:00) in this video reminded me of "Middle out" from Silicon Valley.
Sebastie Cortes
Sebastie Cortes Dag siden
This election has shattered the illusion that America is the this perfect "democracy" when it fact is just as messy as the rest of the world, also that cults are a big thing in America
boybabygirl1928 Dag siden
Really???? I guess everything's right if you guys say it.
kimboslipper Dag siden
Watch biden and his son trick us all nopost.info/throw/mpyVbHumqmiPp9U/video
Haywyre Savant
Haywyre Savant Dag siden
This is a pretty good take. Too bad he discredited himself by saying Trump was a white supremacist.
Haywyre Savant
Haywyre Savant Dag siden
@Jesse Berg There are multiple KKK members that are friends of the democrats, so does association really mean that person is ALSO a white supremacist? There are multiple anti-semites that are democrat house members and senators who regularly spout anti-Semitic rhetoric. The rest is just kinda politics as usual. Also, I do believe in merit-based immigration.
Jesse Berg
Jesse Berg Dag siden
@Haywyre Savant he acts like a white supremacist*, he says white supremacists things**, he surrounds himself with white supremacists***, and defends other white supremacists****. What other criteria do you need before he meets your definition of a white supremacist? *His first involvement in politics was to call for New York State to reimpose the death penalty while calling for the execution of innocent black children. His second major political act was to claim our first black President wasn't an American. **He said we was going to defend the suburbs by cutting back housing regulations which would have required multi-family homes and which would have led to integration. He also referred to non-white countries as "shit holes" and lamented that we didn't get enough immigrants from Scandinavia anymore. ***Steven Miller and Steve Bannon, just to name two. He's also been a buddy to Steve King and Jeff Sessions was his AG. ****He claimed that people participating in the "Jews will not replace us" march the night before Charlottesville were "very fine people".
Haywyre Savant
Haywyre Savant Dag siden
@Jesse Berg It's not a fact, it's a very misinformed opinion.
Jesse Berg
Jesse Berg Dag siden
How does stating an obvious fact discredit him?
Tee Dogg
Tee Dogg Dag siden
Why does it feel so sad and strange watching this with no audience? It’s so sad.
Witchypoo Rose
Witchypoo Rose Dag siden
John Oliver is a national GODDAMNED TREASURE! 💙👏
Serell Robinson
Serell Robinson Dag siden
dude u do not what ur talking about
Ricardo Heurich
Ricardo Heurich Dag siden
Counting votes by hand? Votes send by mail??? Why the US does not come to the 21 th century?
Anthony Fanchin
Anthony Fanchin Dag siden
John Oliver was on point of everything. Even if he’s a comedian. If House of Card predicted anything that happened in the last four years, I’m not interested.
Karate Fight Fitness Drills
Karate Fight Fitness Drills Dag siden
Obama 2008 and 2012 he cheated. Trump will make sure he will not be cheated and Trump will have a smooth 2nd term transition come January 20, 2021. Thats a fact. I saw the future. Trump will win 3 states and Biden Robinette Biden will go back to his basement. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stephen2462 Dag siden
Sounds like you're pretty deep in denial. Too bad.
Julian Gines
Julian Gines Dag siden
I skipped the 30 seconds, and landed on John saying "I'm not saying I want to fuck an octopus..."
K G Dag siden
Walking internet comment. 😃
kuba 99
kuba 99 2 dager siden
Joseph Goebbels
Mary Asbury
Mary Asbury 2 dager siden
Kackspack0815 2 dager siden
19:44 Thought I got a message. 😂
Stress Davis
Stress Davis 2 dager siden
At 20:00 john was spitting real facts
Argumemnon 2 dager siden
It's quite simple: the Trump campaign and Republicans failed to rig the elections through gerrymandering, voter suppression and registration purging, not to mention preemptively trying to block mail-in ballots. So now they're doing what they do best: projection. The OTHER GUY was cheating. Obviously, because we were cheating and we lost, so he must have cheated MORE. It doesn't occur to those morons that more people wanted Trump out. They think Trump's the best, most moral, admirable and loved person in the world.
Christy Flores
Christy Flores 2 dager siden
I’m here to know who John Oliver is.. TikTok
David B
David B 2 dager siden
1) millions of people vote against Trump because of his lackluster covid response and how its contributed to covid deaths 2) the same voter group goes out to party outside with millions of other people spreading the virus.... I don't understand
Andraž Guzaj
Andraž Guzaj 2 dager siden
i mean, at least they are wearing masks
Lau Da
Lau Da 2 dager siden
Very nice….
Iris Huntley
Iris Huntley 2 dager siden
Thouguly enjoyed this show.Brilliant ,factual commentary.
SoulChills 2 dager siden
John I like your humor and your cynicism, but you aren't fair here. You really aren't. Trump is super easy to make fun of but you just don't get it, he does what he says, you can disagree about his policies, but he states his policies and follows through. That is nouveau in American Politics. Every time you accuse an American citizen of potshot racism, bigotry, when it's not the case you further solidify that person's resolve with the republican party. You are shooting yourself in the foot. Shut up, racism is dead on the conservative side but it is on life-support and ventilators by the liberal party. They need to further this false premise to stay in power.
Lon D
Lon D 2 dager siden
Looking at these comments just goes to show how deeply the MSM have brainwashed the Democratic party. Between AZ, PA, and MI there are 20 hours of under penalty of perjury statements and these IGNORANT uneducated Democratic voters are a real problem for America. CNN MSNBC Facebook and twitter just took you all for a corporate ride and being good little lemmings you are trying to take America right off the cliff with you. Like Hundreds of people are going to lie under oath, statistical math is going to break down, and even people who worked for Dominion have come forward to testify. If you still say no fraud found and haven't even taken the time to look for yourselves. You should probably stop talking, your a damn embarrassment.
Skiph Dag siden
L cope
Femi Oye
Femi Oye 2 dager siden
“Reverse 9/11” Video posted on 11/9. Nice one, John
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 2 dager siden
History will absolve Trump, watch!
Kyle Sells
Kyle Sells 2 dager siden
ive had emails like that final notice from the left...Team blue tie sucks too
Lovenaturenaturally bu
Lovenaturenaturally bu 2 dager siden
No more fucking Jared!!!! 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Galang Galang Buzair Ibrahim
Galang Galang Buzair Ibrahim 2 dager siden
"you think we're stupid? You think we're fools?" And people behind Rudy Guliani nod yes.
Mc Spicy Nut
Mc Spicy Nut 2 dager siden
Even if there _were_ illegal votes, there would have to be *around 7 million* of them and they would *ALL* have to be votes for Biden and none illegal for Trump. Even then it would only be close.
p pissoff
p pissoff 2 dager siden
Biden illegitimate fraud..
JustGamers 2 dager siden
Reverse 9/11 bit works, look at the date month/date
Richard Sink
Richard Sink 2 dager siden
This is my 6th time watching this. With everything going on I am so happy to know that that person will no longer be in the place of power. I know that this world is on fire and it is slowly being pulled down into the lowest levels of hell and that all people that are alive are to burn in in that pit because they are alive. There is a lot to say about the fact that more people said no more and want a better life than ever before.
MrShanester117 2 dager siden
Wait Michael Keaton doesn’t have a f***ing Oscar?
Ivan Espinoza
Ivan Espinoza 2 dager siden
It feels so nice to see John happy about something that's not a sewage plant
douglas 2 dager siden
that was the absolute greatest 27 minutes that I have experienced in a long time. Furthermore, I was lucky enough to in Manhattan on November 7 and I got to both witness and join in on the dancing in the streets. It was an amazing and beautiful day and Ill not forget it. Yes long road ahead, no question. but im gonna act positive and kill em with kindness because even a bad day is an ok day when trump is no longer in charge.
patrick garant
patrick garant 2 dager siden
Garant vs Norfolk Southern Railroad. After being hired in 2011 and telling the physical doctor that I may have M.S. and after being approved for FMLA in 2015 for possible M.S., then fired in 2016 for possible M.S. and with such a rush, attempted to cancel medical insurance for my family and I a month before they were allowed legally, in hopes I die without medical aid as a result of their actions. How is M.S. diagnosed, with what certainty?
Lam Kin
Lam Kin 2 dager siden
Pongan más videos de porno es lo que más estusiasma.
Mvtito 2 dager siden
Collate pendejo
Rebecca 2 dager siden
Excellent, as usual, John Oliver! 👏👏
my message to KSI. lmao.
Jake Paul
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my message to KSI. lmao.
Jake Paul
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