Trump & Election Results: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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20 dager siden

A week after Joe Biden’s win in the US presidential election, John Oliver discusses Donald Trump’s various attempts to overturn the results, why his claims don’t hold water, and the consequences of indulging him.
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Louise Pearson
Louise Pearson 50 minutter siden
How did you enjoy your first vote in disney land. Second thoughts?
john choo
john choo Time siden
Rebloodlican or democrips i don't care about your gang affiliation. I just want criminals off the street, i want voter fraud to stop. I want no corruption in our justice system. I want American citizens protected. I don't want my tax dollar being embezzled. I want CIA. FBI. NSA. Homeland shut down because they are spying on me when i am paying their salaries. I want voter fraud to end because i don't want to keep seeing Cuomo again and again though voter fraud........
Rob Farrell
Rob Farrell 2 timer siden
Isn’t this the same tool that gave a monologue the other year about the failings and possible issues with the same voting software that was used again this election? How about the newly released video of boxes being pulled out from under tables once election watched were sent home under the guise of counting was over. Guess what? Counting continued. Typical leftist: nothing to see here.
Yonatan Teferi
Yonatan Teferi 3 timer siden
Say what you will but the man you insult 247 has become the choice of at least 40% of the American peoples vote and not for the first time so i doubt the US media is the voice of the people. Even after such a coordinated campaign by the media.
Yonatan Teferi
Yonatan Teferi 3 timer siden
I know he has real problems but compared to voting for the democrats the American people voted for this man. So the question is what is it so evil about the democrats that the American people rather vote (at least 40% of them) for a man with this many problems?????
akaMyThought 5 timer siden
More Proof of Voter Fraud Ruby Freeman please share this!!
Ethan Lawrence
Ethan Lawrence 5 timer siden
i cant with the end l
Angel Kitteh
Angel Kitteh 6 timer siden
Always love how he says things as is. John Oliver is one medicinal dose against idiocy. But one isn't enough.
Infinity Virtual Tours LLC
Infinity Virtual Tours LLC 9 timer siden
Trump 2020 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
TheNorthHawk 10 timer siden
I want blood. Just having Biden in office won't be enough - Trump and his cronies need to have the book thrown at them to send a strong message to the next would-be fascist to try to do what he did. As for his worshippers, if they choose to die for someone like him, I say they're welcome to it. They'll be put down like the rabid dogs they are if they get violent, and nothing of value to humanity will be lost.
3SGE 10 timer siden
I hope Jon Voight only got scale for that performance.
Dawn Pettersen
Dawn Pettersen 10 timer siden
They will have to use the Military SAS to move Trump out of that White House. Kicking and screaming? Not sure about that bit.
Jo Mud 404
Jo Mud 404 11 timer siden
TY THE TRUTH 11 timer siden
American Freedom World Peace
American Freedom World Peace 12 timer siden
Donald Trump is a societal cancer.. he literally is making a lot of people's lives worse and making supporters more insane and delusional
Stuff I watch Sometimes
Stuff I watch Sometimes 12 timer siden
Biden lost
matt sherlock
matt sherlock 12 timer siden
Your wrong, trump killed 200,000 people through neglect. Are you trolling or a right wing nut.
NezuKamado 14 timer siden
These people are so into their own delusions.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 14 timer siden
If God appeared and said there was no election fraud, trumpers would say he's a liar.
Tyler Crone
Tyler Crone 16 timer siden
Reminder operation warp speed is the reason there's a vaccine out right now so fast in fact faster than any vaccine in history so why don't you guys shut up and quit lying all you've done is complain about whether you should be wearing a mask or not when all the evidence on viruses shows that six months later we would be right where we are right now covid would be ramping up as it started to get colder outside and we've done nothing but complain about whether or not we should be wearing masks instead of actually getting prepared for an influx of covid patients instead you have government trying to shut down small businesses for the games of their Rich lobbying sectors like Amazon and such instead of taking money from those sectors and using it for Hospital preparation you know what I'm saying but no you don't because you keep complaining about whether or not we should be having Thanksgiving dinner together instead of just getting ready for the inevitable that we all knew was going to happen I was talking about this six months ago with my mother who is a nurse so I'm telling you the medical community knew this was coming and did nothing to prepare what did Trump do he created the one thing that's going to solve this problem and you idiots keep acting like he had nothing to do with that
matt sherlock
matt sherlock 12 timer siden
Run on sentences are discouraged for a reason. It makes sure people actually understand what the fuck your talking about. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!!!
Ovidiu Ban
Ovidiu Ban 16 timer siden
Wow, please sprinkle some commas !!
Tyler Crone
Tyler Crone 16 timer siden
I don't get it they bring video evidence of Democrats cheating and you guys still prance around here saying nothing happened are we in la la land or is this exactly what communism looks like
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 14 timer siden
as of late
Pita Broodje Met kaas
Pita Broodje Met kaas 17 timer siden
You should apologize. We europeans dont believe in your misinformation. You can do better man. Yellow man bad??? Talk about both sides they both suck
RobertsAdra 17 timer siden
John Oliver should be a historian. That Fortyfort story was amazing.
Eva Habič
Eva Habič 18 timer siden
I love John, but I am going to stop watching this now, cause Trump is so last week( tonight).....😇😎😎❤🤤🤤🤤🤪
Marcus Barnes
Marcus Barnes 18 timer siden
7:00 deathnote vibes
ME! Only
ME! Only 20 timer siden
I wonder, did the *Orange-utan* think that a day after the election, Brett & Amy were going to float down from their lofty perch & sort it all out for Donald & the military would throw a big military parade & pledge allegiance to the bigly powerful, & strongly respected more than anyone - ever - stable (man, woman, ..?.,camera, tv) genius.?
dannyd1572 20 timer siden
5:00 I imagine that sweet lady got death threats from Trump's base after this airing?
ME! Only
ME! Only 21 time siden
What will happen to Pompeo when Don's gone? He is the biggest brow-noser of Trumps administration. He makes me want to vomit when he stands there repeating Trumps bullshit like a child licking up to his bully, in order to avoid a wallop. Its sick to see a middle-age man like him do it, he has no shame whatsoever. Id love to see what he does in January..?
tommy paris
tommy paris 21 time siden
I think everyone just waiting for someone to declare Trump definitely insane and put him in an asylum
Andrew Clunn
Andrew Clunn 22 timer siden
Just hear to see what the corporate media echo chamber is feeding the sheep.
theContainer &theContents
theContainer &theContents 22 timer siden
All tares and demons are sentenced to perdition by the authority of the holy spirit and Creator. All tares, every last one of you, whenever the Creator wants, instantly, and soon, you will be cast into the abyss. There, you will be in utter darkness, and in a state of total delirium. You'll be confused, nauseous, dizzy, feel painfully sick, and your logic and ability to perceive left from right, up from down, won't work anymore. That's because the grace of the Creator which gave you those abilities will be forever gone at that point, much like your free will already is gone now as you serve the satanic hive mind and are a slave to it. There's no time in perdition, so your time there will never end. There is no where you can go in the abyss, because everywhere you walk melts away or circles back on itself. You'll hear the wailings of other tares in there with you, but you won't be able to find them. Sleep is impossible, so is eating or drinking. And yet you'll feel those urges to do those things just as you did in this world. But they will be impossible.
Kelilah Rose
Kelilah Rose 23 timer siden
Dear people, do you know that Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords, is coming back soon? Are you ready? Today is the day of salvation, REPENT and choose LIFE (Jesus) before it's too late. It won't be long now until the Great Tribulation of 7 years starts - the most horrific time ever (the last 7 years of the world as it is now; Jesus will save His followers beforehand) and after that, unless you have made the right choice, eternal damnation. All the signs of the times are pointing towards this, the Bible has told us about these last days. Jesus is your only hope for salvation, so please ask God to open your eyes so that you will know the Truth, and consider these words from God's Word carefully: "Jesus said , “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." (John 14:6) "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23) "For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romans 6:23) "...if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved. For the Scripture says, “Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.” For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, bestowing his riches on all who call on him. For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Romans 10:9-13) "But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8) "Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, He was buried, He was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures" (1 Corinthians 15:3,4) For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. (Ephesians 2:8-9) Jesus Christ said : “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. (Matthew 11:28) Please watch this: ​@ super interesting, especially for these times!! (covid, lawlessness, earthquakes etc)(if you can't see the link, look up JD Farag Bible Prophecy Update October 25th 2020)
Aeri Heirsling
Aeri Heirsling 23 timer siden
Opening a ballot is fraud.
Srijith Rajagopalan
Srijith Rajagopalan Dag siden
Ezekiel low key looks like John.
David Bourassa
David Bourassa Dag siden
Good grief, as I watch this video all you do is just bash to prove your one side view. John! Your being a fucken gross goblin!. Just play nonpartisan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s “ funnyier “ you’ve become a not only a “ bird nosed “ weirdo. you’re now only giving your PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE to the world that watches you. ........... Seriously!!! What the fuck is wrong with you ???!!! You want to now use your fan base to push your political views???? You CUNT
David Bourassa
David Bourassa Dag siden
You’re so “ quick “ to bash one side with a table of writers
David Bourassa
David Bourassa Dag siden
Yet until this election, you used trump to bash the left..... hmmmmm did some left side come to your office a jerk you off to start acting like this? Seriously WTF Is wrong with you as of late
My Opinion
My Opinion Dag siden
How do you explain all the people who are coming out now? Not politicians or authorities but actual people who worked at the polls etc. Are they all lying? Did they all just make s*** up and imagine s***? You guys are disgusting and you can take your HBO Max and shove it up your f****** asses!
matt sherlock
matt sherlock 12 timer siden
Cite your work, what people are you talking about? The people who admit that they could see everything, it's just that they want to defy social distancing and look at every single ballot of the 180 million that were processed. They recounted the votes in Georgia at their behest, it just made trump lose the vote again.
7:19 I guess America finally unlocked this character. That's Melissa Carone. The Ultimate Karen
ross smith
ross smith Dag siden
John Oliver. The king of hate speech comedy.
ross smith
ross smith Dag siden
Can't wait till Trump is gone and we can start making fun of creepy uncle Joe.
Still Bill Hill
Still Bill Hill Dag siden
LoL. Forty Fort.
Sinville Roadshow
Sinville Roadshow Dag siden
Grand Am
Grand Am Dag siden
I am not American. I have never lived in the United States of America. Yet for the last 4 years I have been consumed by American politics. Everyday I continue to be shocked by what Trump is doing to your country. I thought it would be coming to an end and that would be it. But I fear the damage he has caused will take decades to repair.
Kuroka Steele
Kuroka Steele 7 timer siden
It will take a while, but (at least, after a few more weeks) it finally seems to be taking a step upward. It'll be a long hard climb, but there shouldn't be any risk of falling back down. Hopefully. As someone who lives here, it is a blessing to not have every day be a "How did Trump fuck (New group of people) over today?" and instead be actual discussion, analysis, and hope.
Jadn Tjodor
Jadn Tjodor Dag siden
Trump is just like an orange. Firstly, he is orange, and secondly, he is unable to ever admit that he lost an election.
Jadn Tjodor
Jadn Tjodor Dag siden
Statistical impossibilities where almost 50% of mailed in ballots actually goes to Trump but then piles of over 100'000 thousand ballots are exclusively all for Biden. Yes, some 50% of MAILED in ballots was for Trump. Yes, you were conditioned to believe something else but that is just........ .... all the less eidence of voter fraud.
Jadn Tjodor
Jadn Tjodor Dag siden
Signed affidavits saying that there were fake ballots being inserted with the following characteristics: they were mailed in but entire piles of them looked brand new, like they were never touched before or never held by a human hand and the entire pile was filled our with the exact same ink, the circles were perfectly filled out and they were almost exclusively for Biden is well, just another..... ... no vevidence of voter fraud.
Jadn Tjodor
Jadn Tjodor Dag siden
CCTV footage showing new boxes of ballots pulled out when everyone was sent away due to a main water pipe breaking but four people remain and insert ballots into the count because they knew that there was no main water pipe break is just..... evidence of voter fraud.
doire aintu
doire aintu Dag siden
If God appeared and said there was no election fraud, trumpers would say he's a liar.
Ted Cabana
Ted Cabana Dag siden
OMG! Are all republicans such radically delusional liars who believes anything that sounds just like bull shit, or what?
Enki Du
Enki Du Dag siden
Tell em John!
SNS DRE Dag siden
8.5k of people who watched and voted thumbs down are stupid and should not be allowed to procreate
doire aintu
doire aintu Dag siden
I can...but isn't there...yo, the States are gonna fuckin' implode, man. Game over.
Evan C
Evan C Dag siden
Media like this guy takes advantage of how stupid you are. The election is decided by the electorate, not the public. Trump could concede but he never has to, that wouldn't mean Biden doesn't become president. But learn about our process.
Sam Hutch
Sam Hutch Dag siden
John we might need an emergency post-season show, shit's getting crazier out here. I miss the void.
Nicole Lather
Nicole Lather Dag siden
This show is a disgrace. There is a large amount of evidence. You are a threat to our freedom. You either know exactly what you are doing or you are completely uninformed.
Iles 13 timer siden
Well ? We’re waiting !
Lilac Peach
Lilac Peach Dag siden
May I suggest something to his stylist? Maybe John can try putting on contact lenses to get that face on full view. Also, probably get his hair dyed black or dark brown or somewhere in between. I bet it'd make him look younger. I dunno... I just thought it'd be a good "new year, new me" look for 2021. What do you think?
turinghacker Dag siden
John, I've come from the future in the far off time of December 2020, nothing has improved and the lies are getting worse... and I'm still waiting for a time when we can talk about the cheeseburger turtle!
marc anthony
marc anthony Dag siden
This guy John Oliver gots 1 those fancy accents. He got him some book learning. I bet he reads big books with no pictures in them. He drinks tea (not iced) with his pinky in the air. Sad
Joey & Sydney Vlogs
Joey & Sydney Vlogs Dag siden
Can you guess who we're featuring in tomorrow's episode of Food Diaries? This California native is a culinary wizard that loves a cooking challenge. She also recently joined one of NOpost's biggest culinary universes. 👩‍🍳 Drop your guesses below and tune in 1 PM EST tomorrow! ⬇️
Joey & Sydney Vlogs
Joey & Sydney Vlogs Dag siden
Which of these Crazy Kitchen gadgets would you consider buying? 😂 Watch us test out some of these wild gadgets and we'll let you decide if it's worth buying!
Anaki Rob
Anaki Rob Dag siden
This video is not available in my country (Australia), I had to use a VPN to view it :(
rashkavar Dag siden
Forty McFortface....nope, Forty Fort actually beats that.
freedom loveschick
freedom loveschick Dag siden
Peter Heineman
Peter Heineman Dag siden
Jon Voight, go straight to hell. Do not collect 200$. Also, god bless you John Oliver! You are a true American unlike Mr. Voight.
LosersBecomeWinners Dag siden
As a canadian citizen, i have never been so scared to be this close to the american border... with everything happening there canadians are scared
LosersBecomeWinners 2 timer siden
@PhoenixHinds well, there is that too. So glad i don’t live there so i wouldn’t have the guilt of voting for him in the first place. I did not like clinton but if i knew what would happen i would have taken her in a heartbeat
PhoenixHinds 3 timer siden
I'm a Canadian too, but I am not scared...I'm too saddened to be scared. The amount of support for stupidity is devastating.
MrPooPooJohn Dag siden
That really is a good little shiny cheddar cheese boi turtle. I like turtles. 🐢
Kasper Dag siden
I can...but isn't there...yo, the States are gonna fuckin' implode, man. Game over.
SoulTurtle Dag siden
John is slowly getting angrier each episode
Mute Wave
Mute Wave Dag siden
V for Vendetta
johnpenn74 Dag siden
I don't get you john oliver. You once did a great piece on jerrymanderying and how we need to work to remove it. But all I hear from you now is you political disdain for Trump, not a shred of concern for election integrity. I for one would like to hear what we can do to remedy election fraud, what other countries have done to make sure these controversies don't arise, and we can do as country to make it work better. Stop polarising citizens of the USA and use your platform to voice solutions instead of just being a sensationalist.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Dag siden
Come on Scott Baio was Bob Lawblaw of the famous Bob Lawblaw's Law Blog
Ngo Hanh Phuong
Ngo Hanh Phuong Dag siden
The invincible spy conversely smile because baboon simultaneously guarantee over a enchanted cartoon. adjoining, draconian store
The Queen's Half Corgi
The Queen's Half Corgi Dag siden
Well, he is still saying the election was rigged, so that his sheep will continue to fund his pockets. I mean law suits.
pako ranks
pako ranks Dag siden
Modern day Confederates. Losing and not admitting it.
TheNorthHawk 10 timer siden
Considering that they're traitors, that's a very apt description.
American Freedom World Peace
American Freedom World Peace 12 timer siden
Lol Conservative confederates claim Lincoln is a conservative, yet they can't answer how he is a conservative if confederates declared war on America and fought him
Cassie Blossom
Cassie Blossom Dag siden
Angelina needs to give her dad his medications stat
andrew Lazzaro
andrew Lazzaro 2 dager siden
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Sofía T Garcia
Sofía T Garcia 2 dager siden
What scares me as a Canadian is Trump got 70 million votes.
David Shillaker
David Shillaker 20 timer siden
I live in Alberta where oil and gas is our bread and butter. Trump is better for us, but he is not good at all. I watched in fear and when Biden won, I was ecstatic. The war was over. Yeah, Alberta won't do so hot, but the world can rest easy
fgfgdfg dfgdfdfgfdg
fgfgdfg dfgdfdfgfdg 2 dager siden
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Atticus .6
Atticus .6 2 dager siden
Hey john, didn't you do a show about election machines about a year ago? What do you mean there is no evidence of these machines being an issue? You said it was a huge problem. Also you mention in this video that ballot stuffing and other election shenanigans are commonplace.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 2 dager siden
"Look how yellow that turtle is!" I was browsing the comments and assumed you were talking about Trump
MrMotherducker 14 timer siden
Mitch McConnell
Maki Burgess
Maki Burgess 2 dager siden
Jon Voigt! Not even the real former owner of George Costanza’s car.
Argumemnon 2 dager siden
I am definitely going to write "gravy grave" on my tombstone.
Maki Burgess
Maki Burgess 2 dager siden
Look how orange that turd is.
C M 2 dager siden
John Oliver is the left Tucker Carlson Yeas thaaaat iiiissss supposed to insult em both.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 2 dager siden
Half the time I voted I lost not a big deal hope the leader does a good job even though I did not vote for him in 4 years I can kick him out but last time around I voted for him he
squishydafishy 2 dager siden
Voight so passionate about it that he has to read his speech from a teleprompter or cards lmao.
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 2 dager siden
eh yeah ok doomer
Kaleb Blethen
Kaleb Blethen 2 dager siden
Capitalism doesn’t work
Kyle Isaac
Kyle Isaac 2 dager siden
Gore took 35 days to concede. You guys barely gave "Ol' Donny T" even 35 seconds to concede. The ONLY thing Sir Trump-A-Lot can do in 35 seconds is disappoint the 1st lady in 🛏 . 😆 Much Love From 🇨🇦 - StixXx
Kuroka Steele
Kuroka Steele 7 timer siden
People were on him pretty quick yeah, but I think it's justified given how he's _actively_ been a problem, as well as losing by a larger margin, and the immediate (and pre-emptive, even) temper tantrum he put on, he doesn't deserve that extra time to concede. I'd have to find the video again but I think I saw somewhere that Gore himself said something along those lines, that he doesn't deserve to contest it/to call for a recount.
Cameron Scott
Cameron Scott 2 dager siden
I think it’s pretty clear that pompeo was joking
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 2 dager siden
he wasn't and he should not
Mariana Andrews
Mariana Andrews 2 dager siden
Arsehole is so right!
mrmilkoil 2 dager siden
Straight out of the Cambridge analytica playbook for psycho active warfare and brainwashing lol
Miry Galas
Miry Galas 2 dager siden
I'm glad Biden is starting his term soon because if he didn't, John Oliver would continue to talk faster and higher, until he fell off his chair to sob uncontrollably. Mind you, he would still make us laugh.
pimketss 2 dager siden
Toute nation a le gouvernement qu'elle mérite. each country gets the leader it deserves good luck over there.
Victoria D'Auria
Victoria D'Auria 2 dager siden
Denis Daly
Denis Daly 2 dager siden
Trump is our president jacko🤬fraud fraud . Go back to your basement !!!!!!!!!
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 2 dager siden
until jan. then we finally get rid of the fucker
Andrew Kilpatrick
Andrew Kilpatrick 2 dager siden
Snacks256 Dag siden
"Seize the means of production, abolish the hierarchy!" -John Oliver
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 2 dager siden
oh no, leftist extremists
Rod Parker
Rod Parker 2 dager siden
America will never fully recover unless king rat is arrested .
CYCHIATRIC 9 timer siden
Yep. No consequences. No behavioural change.
Sylvia Martinez
Sylvia Martinez 2 dager siden
your still here, really!
Abigail Katerberg Colibaba
Abigail Katerberg Colibaba 2 dager siden
Ok that second amendment threat to the vote counters is just yet another argument to me of why you guys SHOULDNT HAVE GUNS.
Matthew Arsenault
Matthew Arsenault 2 dager siden
Half the time I voted I lost not a big deal hope the leader does a good job even though I did not vote for him in 4 years I can kick him out but last time around I voted for him he did a good job people need to calm the f*** down most leaders do not want to destroy their country they just have a different point of view and if you're always vote in the same side start to sound a big communist you know only one party can do the job
UFO _vid
UFO _vid 2 dager siden
#CNNTapes 😆
Jana G
Jana G 2 dager siden
I love how the USA is finally catching up to Canada's energy in 2015. I've never seen so many blue Conservative lawn signs that said "Anyone but Harper", and "I don't care anymore, just not Harper". Ie) Trudeau didn't win Canada's elections because people wanted Trudeau/the Liberals, he won because even the Conservatives hated the fuck out of Harper. Even people in the military HATED Harper. I had friends who are from families that see voting Conservative as an intergenerational family tradition, who either voted for the Liberals and then felt dirty about it, or just openly sat out the election. Trump is your Harper, Biden is your less attractive Trudeau without the brown face Halloween costume, lmao.
Rowdy_Roddy67 Dag siden
@Jana G Fantastic analysis and very true though i find that O'Toole has a very Trumpish rhetoric ( hard on China, Canada First, Big Buisness, not to mention he has a Right Populist agenda that i entirely loathe, slash funding for the CBC, "Reduce Taxes" and balance the budget so pretty much reduce taxes for the wealthy, cut funding on primary needs like health care and education and balance the budget by doing absolutely nothing while selling the canadian dollar at a cheap so we can work for our American overlords) O' Toole is very bland as well as a leader, though i do like the opportunity to strengthen French culture in our country being that O'Toole was born in Montreal or the prospect of cooling tensions with the west. To myself, O'Toole has no appeal but to middle class families he might and maybe to the Quebecois as well? Singh and the NDP have been losing appeal for years and losing Jack wasn't helpful at all to their cause. The Green party I barely notice and the Bloc just go with whatever benefits the Quebecois people. So essentially yes Trudeau in this field may lose even more of a minority or might just hand over a minority government over for O'Toole to run until another worthy liberal not named Trudeau comes forward and beats O'Toole from a likable standpoint as well as from a policy standpoint as well. My personal opinion if a Canadian Federal Election is called Next year, i believe the Liberals will regain a Majority which is why the PC's won't dare call one because they know that they are at a supreme disadvantage as well as a Moneyless NDP which could easily just form a coalition with the Liberals to ensure that a progressive plan is brought forward and that any BS the conservatives try to pass is blocked immediately. Idk i think Trudeau yet again despite his idiocy, he'd still win somehow
Jana G
Jana G Dag siden
@Rowdy_Roddy67 Honestly, all the party leaders aren't doing it for me right now. O'Toole seems better than Sheer, but Sheer was just.... such a spineless wiener so that's a low bar. O'Toole was a surprise pick though, we'll see how he handles it. If he's a little more honest in the Commons, and works on his French we'll see where he takes them. I can't stand Singh and his analyze Twitter and TicToc trends to say buzzwords to get emotional reactions based on little to no substance. Everytime he uploads a video to get on a "trend" all I can think of is that "Hello fellow youths!" meme, and cringe. The NDP hasn't had a competent lead since Layton died. I lost all respect for them after that circus they tried in "elbowgate". As much as I appreciate the work the Green Party does to prove that their proposed policies are evidence based, I know they'll never really get any serious footing outside of BC. Currently, it just feels like watching a hurdles race Trudeau is winning just by virtue of bumbling faster than his competition.
Rowdy_Roddy67 Dag siden
@Jana G Totally agree! Justin is nothing like his father ( one of my favorite ever PM's along with Chretien because of how strong willed they were in the way they governed ) One can only hope that America has a better rebound under Biden though I believe America is in decline as a country and that nothing will change fundamentally under a Biden administration. We may get a return to normal mode but after four years another Trump like guy will show up for the Republicans and they will take power again and do some crazy shit like usual.Thus the cycle continues. Luckily Canadian Politics though it doesn't come without it's scandals , is marginally better than the American political system and has more diversity. Speaking of Conservatives, your opinion on the new PC leader in Erin O'Toole?
Jana G
Jana G Dag siden
@Rowdy_Roddy67 I totally agree, not to mention the fact that Harper froze Military wages and openly stated that the Canadian government owed Veterans nothing for their injuries, and that Canada shouldn't be held responsible for their care. During Harper's time, a Private in the military was paid less than $4 an hour, and maxed out at earning less than $94 a day even if they worked a 24hr shift. There was a reason he couldn't get a single veteran to stand on stage with him. Anyways, we've got Trudeau now, the absolute lesser of two evils. Not malicious, just kinda weak and a touch stupid at times. Let's wish the best for the USA under Biden.
Rowdy_Roddy67 Dag siden
@Jana G Very Very Correct you are. Harper never wanted to address news stations or canadians because he'd be called out for his failures and I like to believe that he is like Trump where he couldn't openly face criticism. Also not to mention Canadian Jobs and the Economy never grew in the 11 years that Harper was PM while Inflation grew. Harper was and still is an idiot PM so is Trudeau but Harper takes the cake
A Compelled Passionate Rationalist.
A Compelled Passionate Rationalist. 2 dager siden
I want a whole episode dedicated that yellow turtle now :(
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